Our commitment to the safety of our teams and our customers as well as the experiences we deliver at our restaurants remain paramount. Our passion for hospitality has grown stronger. Our desire to connect with our customers has deepened. These are the tools we feel will best accommodate a safe, responsible, and enjoyable environment for our staff and guests. We are excited to welcome you back into our dining rooms and remain committed to delivering an exceptional experience.

– Emeril Lagasse



  • Reservations are highly recommended
  • Upon arrival, if a table is not immediately available, guests will be asked to wait in an appropriately distanced line outside of the restaurant
  • Guests will be required to wear face coverings when entering, exiting and moving about the restaurant
  • Guests will be provided a single use/disposable menu
  • Please do not enter the restaurant if you are sick


  • Dining rooms will be seated with limited capacity as per state and local guidelines
  • Table sizes will be limited and properly socially distanced per state and local guidelines


  • Restaurant team members will be required to wear face coverings
  • Restaurant team members have received thorough training on safety procedures per state and local guidelines
  • Restaurant team members are instructed to monitor their health, including daily self-temperature checks


  • Proper hand-washing, sanitizing and glove use will be enforced throughout the restaurant
  • Cross contamination prevention procedures are in place and will be monitored
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing procedures for commonly touched surfaces are in place and will be monitored
  • Enhanced service techniques have been put in place to assist in state and local guidelines
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the main entrance and restrooms
  • Additional procedures are in place for disinfecting before, during and after hours of operation